What is bonus points

Bonus points can be accumulated with the purchase of products or services.

The accumulated bonus points can be used to offset some of the payable amount of products/ services for next purchase or rewards redemption.

How to use your bonus points to purchase

You may choose the payment method “Bonus Point Redemption” and choose Credit Card or other payment transfer to pay the balance of payable amount of the products/services.



1. Bonus points is not transferrable to others.

2. Bonus points is not exchangeable for cash, it only can be used for rewards redemption or offset some payable amount for next purchases (each products/ services have the offset limit).

3. All new products entitle for bonus point accumulation (except for certain products).

Each NT 1 (approx. USD $0.03 dollar) spent is equal to 3 points.

Points may be redeemed on the purchase price of products/services or redeem for rewards with equivalent amount.

4. Bonuses can only be earned on the purchase of full price products and/or services where no discount is applied.

5. The bonus points will be expired by 365 days, once expired, it cannot be used for redemption / credit deduction.

6. The awarded bonus points will be cancelled in the event of refund.

7. The bonus points redemption only valid for next purchases.

8. The rewards redemption only can be done by using bonus point. We do not accept cash or other payment method to redeem the rewards, otherwise the debited amount will be credited to your account of NSS Group that can be used for other services / products purchase.

9. The rewards delivery only limited to Taiwan area only. The customers are required to bear the courier related charges by themselves for remote area of Taiwan. For all the physical rewards ONLY available for redemption by customers based in Taiwan.

10. The virtual rewards are ONLY available for redemption by overseas customers, kindly refer to the available virtual rewards via link below:

iTunes Gift Cards https://hb.nss.com.tw/?cmd=cart&action=add&id=1310

Apple Store Gift Cards https://hb.nss.com.tw/?cmd=cart&action=add&id=1311

Amazon.com eGift Cards https://hb.nss.com.tw/?cmd=cart&action=add&id=1312

11. NSS Group reserves the right for the acceptance of reward redemption. NSS Group shall replace with other value equivalent rewards or services in the events of the redeemed reward(s) is out of stock or unable to provide due to other unavoidable factors.