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NSS Online Backup Service Product FeaturesYour account will be available to use in 5 minutes for all of services you purchase by payment through credit card or bank transfer.

Feature Product Service NSS Online Backup

1st: Support for multiple languages

2nd: Instant Data Protection

3rd: Easy to manage and use

4th: With the best disaster recovery plan

5th: Unlimited guarantees for limited pay

6th: Compatible with different operating platforms and databases

NSS assures you that our services and prices are highly competitive with other competitors in the same industry, and we want you to enjoy the best service for the best price. We refund double of the price difference if you purchase higher in our store (The price after tax). For details, visit: http://www.nss.com.tw/host/Host_websprice.php

Product/Service Setup Fee Price
[30 Days Free Trial - NSS Online Backup (Personal)] - Free Free
[30 Days Free Trial - NSS Online Backup (Enterprise)] - Free Free
[Free Trial] Cloud Storage Free trial14 days - Free Free
[NSS Online Backup (Personal)]- 4219421 - $2,760 TWD $2,760 TWD Annually
[NSS Online Backup (Enterprise)]- 4219416 - $6,800 TWD $6,800 TWD Annually
NSS Cloud Storage)- 42221293 - $3,600 TWD $3,600 TWD Annually