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  • NSS Group captured the international market: Indonesia launched a grand room hosting services!

最新消息: NSS Group captured the international market: Indonesia launched a grand room hosting services!

已經發布: 2015-04-23

 NSS Group continues to strive daily chasing the pace of market evolution, and lay a firm foundation with the protracted war in the international community, and let us provide excellent domestic and international customers, outstanding service.


NSS Group provide world-class that include Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, United States, Taiwan, Canada, London, Paris, and Amsterdam, with first-class international telecommunications room, all rooms have security controls such as firewalls, data backup, and can ease data sent to NSS Group Web hosting and dedicated hosting. A bandwidth requirement of quality is more important, it has a carrier-grade room Indonesia line help quick access. Not only that, in addition to hosting services, offers a variety of e- services, including email, hosting, allows customers to accomplish multiple items. In celebration of the NSS Group Indonesia room online, Web hosting server only $5 dollars a year!


From the beginning, Taiwan only serves local customers and now serves not less than 15 countries. Recently, Indonesia has just completed a Grand Room that has been long planned. We help our clients to a new blueprint for the country. We grasp the pace at the same time, strict maintenance and supervision of quality of goods, services, features, so that users can enjoy the same quality of treatment!


Five key features, contains a number of advantages:

One,    High-quality tailor-made basis of build

Second, 99.999% of electricity and backup systems

Third,   N+2, dual-circuit air conditioning system

Fourth,  Fire alarm detection and suppression systems

Fifth,    Year-round maintenance and operation center


Nowadays, Technology in the era of technology is increasing and if the risk with improved countermeasures is not done, there may be trouble brewing stumble that will let bosses step in an effort to create a nighttime collapse. NSS Group guarding you to create success, whether tangible (room external damage) or intangible (network information, etc.) have to do a full range of solid Control Manager. Let us be your patron saint!


NSS Group Indonesia Server room information details: http://www.n9s.com

Online contact, please call : Indonesia : 0018030152023760 (English, Bahasa Indonesia is able to communicate)

The above information is taken from NSS Group