Domain Transfer

Domain Transfer Note:
1. The domain name was not register from us.
2. Only the domain owner or the person-in-charge has authority to make the transformation.
3. Domain hasn’t expired. Domain must be registered more than 60 days , must be updated more than 45 days.
4. If the domain name is transferred less than one year after the transfer, the person who wants to transfer must add the original price for one year (subject to the renewal price from the second year of the company).
5. It does not involve illegal or payment problem.
6 Registrar e-mail must be correct in order to allow us to send a confirmation e-mail.
7. Do not add "http" or "www".G / BIZ / INFO / NAME / CN / US domain name before the expiration of at least 30 days to submit.>
8.The registrar transfer may take at least 5 business days to complete.